“I met Mr. Hemant Kumar, of Vedic Astrology in 2007 to get his opinion about my brother’s marriage. Mr. Kumar suggested that his brother should wait till 2008 November to get his marriage life successful. But we did not take his word seriously and my family proceeded with the marriage in 2007. In June 2008 my brother’s marriage came to an end and they got divorced.” Mrs. Reddy, Manukau, Auckland 20/02/2009

”I met Hemant Kumar, Vedic Astrologer in August last year to get opinion about selling of my property. He suggested me do not put it on the market now, it won’t sell and advised me to put it in October sometime. I did not follow his advice and put it on the market as tenant vacated, but it did not get sold. Eventually it was sold in October as he said”. Kusuma, Auckland

“The explanation of problems and remedies over Skype was very helpful as it was clear and easy to understand. Skype conversation also gave me the opportunity to ask questions and clear the doubts I had in my mind.

You have been very helpful and brought to my attention the problem that needed to be resolved as a priority. Overall the services provided were very good.

I did the home remedy that was advised for gastritis and it made a difference to my health. Now I’m doing another remedy for the esophagus inflammation and I’m feeling better.
Really appreciate your help”.

“My husband and I married in December 2010 and it was a love marriage, however after getting married we had continuous arguments and things were not as they should be. We had started trying for a baby in December 2011 and 7months later we still had no luck. That’s when we decided to and see Mr. Hemant Kumar, the astrologer Vedic Astrology .

In September 2012 we visited Hemant Kumar and he reviewed our astrological charts and advised us that I was Maglik and my husband was Choko (clean) and therefore we would be having arguments and fights over little things and there would be little peace within our relationship, he also advised that because of this we would have great delays in having children and even then there was a possibility of having a miscarriage. I was very upset, as I was already 30, and I didn’t want to wait. Then Hemant provided us with a remedy and said that I need to get a Mangal Dosh Puja done, and this would rectify the problems me and my husband were having and also advised that this would also help in conceiving earlier. He also advised that there was a remedy for the potential miscarriage and I would need to go to him after conceiving for the remedy.

In November 2012 I had my Mangal Dosh Puja performed, and since then peace between me and my husband had returned. We were not fighting and arguing over little things, and our love for each other had returned. We enjoyed a lovely holiday in December and for the first time in a long time we were both very happy and our photos showed it.

In April 2013 we went for a trip to Queenstown and I conceived my baby and am now 4months pregnant, only 5months after performing the remedy advised by Hemant. I am mentioning Queenstown, as Hemant had also looked at the Vastu of our home and advised that our bedroom was not ideal for conception, and he was right again, we conceived our child in Queenstown, not at home.

At 9weeks however we had a scare, and I thought I might lose the baby. Remembering that Hemant had advised the possibility of miscarriage, I went to see him again at 9weeks, he printed out my astrological chart and told me that after 3months, I would need to take a lot of care as from 3months until birth of the baby, my times were going to be tough. I was given a blessed red thread to wear around my stomach and was told to perform a mantra and go to the temple on Mondays to put milk on the shivling, which I have been doing.

My health was in good state and I was not being sick or anything, so I could not understand what Hemant meant that from 30 June 2013, I would start facing problems and would really need to take care. Then on the 30th of June, my husband started getting high fever and a few days later we found out he had the chicken pox. I was very scared as the most contagious period for chicken pox is before they actually show up. Hemant said that as long as I was wearing my red thread around my stomach, my baby would be safe, and he was right because even though I had never had the chicken pox in my life, I was safe and did not catch them.

I had to leave my house and spend a week away from home. My husband’s chicken pox were not so bad and he was at home being looked after by his mum while I was here and there trying to get through the week, very uncomfortably. The dates that Hemant advised were spot on and I did start seeing difficult times from the 30th of June.

My faith in Hemant has grown to utmost belief in the readings and advice of Hemant Kumar. His predictions and remedies have bought back peace into my married life and also let me conceive without long delays. His dates are exact and my own experience has showed me that whilst we are all destined for troubles, addressing our troubles early can help us to rectify and through remedies make our troubles less or completely avoid them.

Thank you Hemant, for your remedies and guidance, if it wasn’t for your remedy and advise, we may still have been blindly trying, getting disappointed and fighting. Me and my husband are very happy and are eagerly awaiting the birth of our child.” Mrs Kumar Date: 21 July 2013

“I have done my astrological reading on the subject of finance from you in July 2012.
The prediction that was done by you on my horoscope was fantastic; you did send me a time table for five years with all my events and ups and downs in career.
I highly appreciate all your guidance and value your prediction that was explained in regards to my loss of job and the date was absolutely on that second day of your predicted date that I lost my job. Then had a better job offer with a bigger salary and higher in post all happened according to your prediction time table. Your predictions and timing are perfect in real life”.
Many Thanks – Ameeta Lal

“I visited you earlier in 2011 and firstly wanted to congratulate you on the appearance and the professional advice that I came for and the timing of the event of my question, excellent & mind blowing timing that you have told me started very day you have told me in your prediction. I have never seen so accurate predictions in my life sir god bless”. Rashi N Sharma, Sydney

I’m a 22 year old female. I first met Hemant Kumar of Vedic Astrology in early 2014 for my studies and for a better future. That is when I was struggling with my Nursing studies and couldn’t get a part time job anywhere.
Upon meeting him, Mr. Kumar advised me to start with a remedy, I agreed to this. Since performing the remedy just twice for two weeks, I got called for an interview at a healthcare facility. I got the job just after finishing the interview and this was all due to the remedy. After completing one remedy, I started off with another one and now I’m in my final year of nursing degree and I have been passing every semester since then with A grades. I have been working for nearly a year now and I love my job. My faith in Mr. Kumar is enormous and I really appreciate your guidance and remedies. Your predictions and timing is just so accurate and perfect Mr. Hemant Kumar. Thank you for all your help and support. -Priyanka Kumar

Just a thank you, to you Mr Hemant Kumar. I am very grateful for all the information you are sharing. I have been going through the massive amount of information on the web and have found you to be all things good, to simply say, rather than listing all my evaluating criteria. The main fact was when I heard you mention God and spiritual devotion. God Bless you and thank you kindly, Brad 10/02/2016


4 years ago, I relocated myself and my business to Auckland. Before the move, I met with Mr Hemant for a locational astrology consultation. Hemant described many experiences and interactions that might possibly come about during my time living in Auckland. I am now writing this recommendation two years after living in Auckland, and everything Hemant predicted in that initial reading has been true. Because of this astrological foresight I was given, and by knowing what to expect, it has really helped me to handle and make the most of the things that have transpired. Because of this initial experience, I really look forward to visiting the other places that Hemant thought would be beneficial.” Mahesh

“Hemant, Thank you for the heart centred reading…. I felt so comfortable asking you questions and you actually listened! There is such a peaceful and deliciously comfortable feeling to your voice; your tone is at once deeply knowledgeable and yet humble. I feel very at peace now with my life, the direction I am going and the knowledge that yes, things are a little difficult now as far as getting the vocation/career thing to my satisfaction, but that in the near future, a more dynamic energy will manifest and I will then be able to manifest my vision…. You are in a class of your own; I have talked with other astrologers some famous some not, and have been quite disappointed in their knowledge preparation and delivery. I feel that you are evolved enough in your own development to be a source of inspiration and strength to others on an emotional and spiritual level. What a comfort. Again, thank you and I do plan on employing you in the future for a scientific reading and/or a reading for my family members. Love and joy,” James Cooper

“Both my wife and I have been impacted by our session with Mr Hemant Kumar in the process of reviewing our planets and their configurations, to help provide us with a foundation to guide our relationship, business ventures, and general well being. We experienced a major shift in our perceptions of future events, directing us in a most positive light. We strongly recommend anyone who is interested in expanding their outlook on life to take the opportunity to work with Mr Hemant Kumar of Vedic Astrology NZ Ltd .” –Sincerely, Jerry & Moony

In February of this year we had a scientific astrology reading session with Mr Kumar Of Vedic Astrology and the segment was on my business practice and the development of customers was pinpointed to the beginning of June timeframe. We now enter this time period and after many months of no business the doors are opening and business is starting to flow.” Hemant, Thank you so much for the astrology reading. I keep remembering things and I have a more positive outlook.” Kevin

I can honestly say that I was amazed at the depth and accuracy of my scientific astrology reading by Mr Hemant … Because I am about to take on a job in which I will be travelling frequently, I wanted to get a little insight as to what places might work best for me, and where I may have difficulty. Our session consisted of both places I had already been, as well as places that I am considering travelling to. The energies that Mr Hemant described in places that I had been to were so accurate to what I had actually experienced, that it was almost as if he had followed me off the plane!” Martin Johns Wellington

I really loved the astrological session. It was exciting, and extremely informative, thorough, and helped me expand my horizons and possibilities in a big way … this gave me a strong footing in specifically where was good for what, and confidence to go out there and explore, feeling buoyed by the knowledge already that say, in a certain area and just above the Bay Area would be perfect for having the kind of relationship I want, and the kind of life that would be exciting and growth as well. It helped me see that I can have it all; and in different kinds of ways depending on what kind of lifestyle and environment I might be wanting at any point in my life. As they say this was ‘da best I’ve had! I almost can’t wait until I’m ready to move, and get another reading from you!” -Jayson Miller

A Scientific Astrological session with Mr Hemant is like opening up a book called ‘Your Life.’ He is clear and focused and gives valuable information lovingly and safely. My session uncovered so many truths for me. I will spend a lot of time with the well that he has helped me to uncover. It was a beautiful experience for me, and I highly recommend Hemant as a source to learn from about loving yourself.” – Peter

What Is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic astrology is an ancient astrological system which is used by most astrologers around the globe in today’s time; this system was used especially by Sages and Maharishi’s 1000’s of years ago for their own benefits, so the predictions made on that system in today’s world will not match a normal person’s life.


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Corporate Astrology?

Vedic astrology is an ancient astrological system which is used by most astrologers around the globe in today’s time; this system was used especially by Sages and Maharishi’s 1000’s of years ago for their own benefits, so the predictions made on that system in today’s world will not match a normal person’s life.


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